Gone are the days of hiding.

Incognito is now out-cognito.

Hiding contact detail, prices…even communication.

Transparency is here.

Not only is transparency here, but it keeps moving more and more of it’s furniture into the house.

Transparency asks for more and more closet space.

Is this a hindrance or are we maximizing it?

We’re working in glass house, we’re posting in glass house.

Clients, the public and our parents are walking by our glass houses and either nodding their heads, hissing at us or indifferent.

What are you doing about it?

Some folk act like it ain’t happening

There’s traditional business folks and traditional 9 to 5 grinders. Business owners act like traditional 9-to-5 grinders when they ignore transparency.

Even clients we still serve in the promotional product and retail industry try to sneaky-pete away information.

They act like we don’t know who their customers are.

You can tell they’re still trying to tuck away names, positions, relationships.

It don’t work that way anymore…’

How about instead of being gate keeper slash protector of all hidden detail, you become a partner that wants to connect vital pieces?

The focus goes from “self” to markets.

Start functioning like everyone’s watching

Now for context purposes, I’m talking about online behavior.

Does it have to pain us that if we put a pic, a post, a paragraph online of us doing something absolutely stupid that it’s going to hinder us in the public square?

If I picked up the old telephone and started ringing 100’s of businesses, slurring my words and drunkenly demanding to speak to the CEO, would that help my options?

Then why would folks post the online equivalent? Or worse?

But it’s only growing.

And it’s not just “online”.

The online has become real life, real line.

China is pioneering new forms of making all things transparent

From the country that brought you “suppliers that hide all things.”

Or “can’t get a straight answer in the food market.”

Straight from the Middle Kingdom that perfects internet blockage via a Great Fire Wall.

Now we have Naughty and Nice points.

Transparency, whether they like it or not in China, causes one to receive points, positive or negative.

China’s New Social Credit System

There’s articles all over the internet about this.

Spend too much money on booze, poodles or funny books? They may dock you.

The higher you rank you get perks, like booking a hotel room without having to leave a deposit.

I guess that’s a…nice…perk..?

Let’s swing this to business and importing and products and stuff…

How can we use “transparency” to really gas our manufacturing projects and product development?

What if the entire supply chain knew how much everything cost?

Consider displaying communication. From the supplier, to the logistics company all the way down to the end brand, all emails, all quotes, all documents are clearly displayed.

Would this be something appealing to brands and large companies?

We know from experience and fact there’s still too much cat and mouse.

Brands are accepting it. But they don’t have to.

Let’s do a list of what would be transparent from start to finish:

  • Price:  prices from the material vendors. Prices from the main production factories. Logistic prices. All these numbers would be in documents that all parties have betwixt them. This is pending on how much you can get the material vendors and original vendors to cooperate. In some nations, shouldn’t be a problem. In China, land of smoke-screening, they may still balk. But hey, this may cause the social credit score to ding negative a few points, right?
  • Communication:  all emails, messages, calls logged between all parties. No longer a who said what, he said she said, but everything would be just as plain and crystal clear as can be. Then buyers, suppliers, whoever would know who’s pulling weight in the project. Who’s integral to the supply chain and who’s fluff.
  • Quality, process, point A to point Z: everyone would have clear insight on how you get from start to finish. Instead of rehashing the same narratives over and over, there’d be transparent documentation on how all steps went. Gone would be the days of undercutting and switching. The vendor who accepts the job peels back the current. Current stays back. The buyer peels back the current. No hiding final markets or usage.

How about all the opportunity for passive income? Look for transparency…

Part of this transparency is that there’s really clear cut opportunities for passive income earnings on the internet. Mrs. Yount and I are learning about these. Transparent companies fulfill their promises and make payouts. The companies that aren’t transparent are out there and give opportunity a bad name.

Do due diligence.

But don’t let some idiots’ lack of transparency turn you off from opportunity. Contact if anyone once to learn of any of these passive income streams. Hopefully we’ll put out official content on these later.

My dinosaur bone’s ringing…

You frequently hear old folks say, sort of as a badge of exclusivity, that “I don’t use social media”.

But eventually, that’s going to be like saying, “I don’t use the phone” and being proud of it.


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I’d reckon that attitude is going to be even more ostracizing.

You have to use social media for everything now.

That’s how parents stay in touch with teachers; assignments, behavior, etc…

We make payments via social media functions.

Businesses advertise.

Families connect.

How can we adapt and use transparency for growth?

Let’s think about this as we move into 2019.

More and more walls, are coming down.

Doesn’t matter if we like it, agree, don’t like, who cares.

The fact is, it’s happening.