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Timing Before and After the Chinese New Year

Whenever you're negotiating prices and planning summer orders, timing is something to watch out of the corner of your eye when doing it around Chinese New Year.
This time of year, post Christmas holiday and prior to the Chinese New Year holiday, morphs into a giant blob. For some importers, it can be an inefficient and frustrating time. Here are some reminders on timing during this time period and what to look out for.  This applies to both before and after the Chinese Holiday....

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More Considerations on Importing Promo Products

Considerations for Sourcing Promo Products from Chinese Vendors
The majority of promo product orders are smaller runs (200 pens, 500 ball caps, etc). These are purchased from onshore stock or local factories. China or offshore manufacturing comes into play with extensive customization and increased quantities. Once buyers go offshore, they realize their expectations and demands aren't necessarily upheld or even understood by the vendors. Let's talk the change of mindset that's necessary for sourcing promo products offshore.  ...

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Better Time Management Tips in China Sourcing

Your time management is connected to your results. Poor managment, poor results, simple, eh?
Your time management has a bearing on your product quality and order success. In China sourcing, like many things in life, there aren't many disconnected threads taking place in isolation. Most concepts are interwind and interrelated. Time management is no exception....

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Consistent Time Management and Your China Orders

China orders seem to have better success when their is a consistent time management from the buyer in moving the project along from phase to phase.
China orders and sourcing projects seem to have less problems when there's consistent time management from the buyers' side. A project that has a good rhythm, without a longer downtime, turns into a manufacturing order that's more likely to succeed. ...

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Supplier Says Something is Urgent, You Need to Listen

If your factory tells you something, then listen. Importers needs to pay attention to factories' signals
In China importing, when something is urgent, this typically corresponds with the suppliers' side and what they need to accomplish. But don't forget immediate tasks where the "urgent" label falls at the buyers' doorstep. The buyer has a call to action from the supplier and if the buyer does not act in an immediate fashion, then something will delay. When buyers scream urgent, they expect the factory to blow the steam whistle and start bumping in to one another like the keystone cops. On the other hand, when the factory, lets the buyer know something is urgent, the buyer's mindset is typically one of "Yawn, I'll get to it, when I get to it." This work habit leads to mass production delays, incorrect production or goods not even reaching you. If your supplier says something is urgent, you need to listen....

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“Well, We’ve Got Time…”

"Well, we've got time..." says the buyer who thinks timing is on their side and getting the project into full-motion is not something that requires a sense of urgency.

This line of thinking and usual accompanying casualness actually CAUSE mass production delays. ...

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Reasons for Delays in China Manufacturing

Power outages, factory fires, 3rd party vendor strife and factories bumping your order for a bigger fish.

In the topsy turvy world of China manufacturing, these are all possible reasons for delays....

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Timing Considerations in China Manufacturing

Is my order going to get to me on time? Will my buyer have the product in-hand when I told them they would? Does my supplier in China even understand the importance of this? Here are some things for you to ponder whenever you are mapping out the timing aspects of your offshore order. ...

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Quoting Promotional Products from China Suppliers

For promotional product sourcing from China suppliers;  here is a list of check points to watch  during the quoting process....

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