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Quantity, Quantity Scales and MOQ

Be precise as possible in your communication with your Chinese vendor. Even when it comes to order quantity in your RFQ
Here are some refreshers on your quantity request when sending in inquiries to vendors in China sourcing. Your initial inquiry sets the stage for supplier buyer interaction. The quantity request portion of your inquiry is a vital part of that inquiry. This may not be the most exciting post...come to think of it, none of my posts are that exciting. ...

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6 Ways to Make Low Quantity Orders Smoother

Low quantity orders can be problematic if not disasterous. Here are 6 ways for low quantity orders to be smoother when it comes to factory in, factory out.
In continuation to my last post, spotlighting the dangers of low quantity orders in China manufacturing; here is the silver lining, the more solution-oriented side of things. 6 ways to better navigate lower quantity runs. ...

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Dangers of Low Quantity Orders in China Manufacturing

Low quantity orders may be good for you, but it's not necessarily a thrill to the factory. There are dangers involved.
This post spotlights 5 dangers that come with low quantity orders in China manufacturing. Low quantity requests, especially for the Promotional Product Industry and in smaller, retail gift merchandise, are sorta, "nature of the beast". ...

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