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Another Batch of Possible Changes During the China Sourcing Process

Life is full of ups and downs. Things change...especially during the China sourcing process.
The China sourcing process, whether quoting an existing stock item or developing something from scratch, is more than pulling a lever on a machine. Because the human element is involved, from RFQ to delivery, something is very likely to get off course....

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Pithy Year-End China Importing Reminders

China importing tips and reminders as we ring in 2016.
As 2016 is right around the corner, here are some year-end China importing reminders. Keep these tips at the forefront of your thinking during your sourcing and manufacturing endeavors....

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Timing Control in China Manufacturing Wrap Up

Promotional Retail Manufacturing Timing Control

In China manufacturing, timing control can make or break an order.

In the promotional product industry; missing a shipping date is the same as losing the order.

For retailers and private labels, when you need to have those products on the shelves or being shipped out, timing missteps ruin prime selling seasons.

Did you know that timing blunders can also hurt the quality of production?

"Wait, wait, how can timing hurt quality? Although both are important, it seems they would be exclusive…?”  Says the curious importer…...

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Urgent Delivery Time Checklist

When you’re importing from China, chances are you are going to be faced with an urgent delivery time. 

Whether it’s the promotional product business and you’ve got a launch date or it’s the retail industry and the box store requires a certain date to stock the shelves, timing can and will be a super-important issue.

Here is a checklist to incorporate as part of your work routine and thought pattern....

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Timing Considerations in China Manufacturing

Is my order going to get to me on time? Will my buyer have the product in-hand when I told them they would? Does my supplier in China even understand the importance of this? Here are some things for you to ponder whenever you are mapping out the timing aspects of your offshore order. ...

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