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Supplier Communication: Look For and Give Relevant Detail

Sometimes an offshore project seems like stumbling around in the dark because you and the supplier are talking past each other. Strive for relevant detail.
By focusing on relevant detail  in your supplier communication you avoid time waste, misunderstanding and even incorrect mass production. In offshore manufacturing, nothing is to be taken for granted. Nothing? Nothing. For each phase, consider "what relevant detail needs to be put forward."...

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China Sourcing & Importing Excuses Buyers Make

China sourcing and importing excuses are tempting, but the energy is better spent towards improvements and solutions.
In the spirit of the crying towel, here's a batch of excuses for those in China sourcing and importing. If you find yourself mumbling these curses (and we all do and still do at one time or another), button your lip and think about..."how am I going to fix it next time?" This one's not for the faint of heart......

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Order Detail your China Supplier May Not Know…But Should

The devil is in the order detail. Provide info to your Chinese supplier in a useful, systemized way.
Importers unintentionally withhold key order detail, from their supplier in China. This order detail would add to the possibility of success. Perhaps importers think their supplier should already know these things or that if the supplier needed to know, they should ask. But the fact is, suppliers proceed in the dark and fill in some of their own blanks. Here is rundown of some order detail on which, you may want to consider updating your supplier....

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Mindset in Reviewing China Price Quotes

China Price Quotes Require Scrutiny
Analyze. Dissect. Scrutinize As a buyer, these words should come to mind whenever you think of China price quotes. When reviewing price quotes from your China vendor, having the proper mindset will be a key factor in successfully handling the quoting phase of the project. ...

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Urgent Delivery Time Checklist

When you’re importing from China, chances are you are going to be faced with an urgent delivery time. 

Whether it’s the promotional product business and you’ve got a launch date or it’s the retail industry and the box store requires a certain date to stock the shelves, timing can and will be a super-important issue.

Here is a checklist to incorporate as part of your work routine and thought pattern....

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Your Supplier Didn’t Sign Up For This….

Importers tend to hold their supplier to a standard, which, after 13 years in the business, I'm pretty positive the supplier doesn't know they agreed to....

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Make It Easy For Your Supplier In China To Contact You

Remember, during this summer season, make it easy for your supplier in China to contact you....

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China Manufacturing Problems: Secondary Causes

China manufacturing problems do not happen in a vacuum.
Certain characteristics of overseas buyers cause major China manufacturing problems.  These "work habits" increase the headache when working with factories and suppliers. Common incidents may seem like harmless side effects of the business.  In reality, normal issues can fester and grow, leading to full-blown manufacturing catastrophes....

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