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In China Sourcing & Order Control, A Follow-Up Can Be…

The power of the follow up in your China project and order control.
During your China project and order control, systematic contact with your supplier, brings a world of results. Right importing from China (or any developing nation) is proactive and calculates possible scenarios. ...

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China Sourcing Projects: Do You Know the Key Points?

China sourcing projects have key points and the more those key points are spotlighted, the more the supplier understands client expectations.
Are your China sourcing projects successful because the supplier did everything right? What if you have a supplier that misses a key point? You can get to where, in your China sourcing projects, you are able to proactively avoid problems and success not being based on "the supplier doing everything right". ...

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The Power of Response in Offshore Manufacturing

A response in offshore manufacturing is more than a formality but a tool.
In offshore manufacturing, we have abundant methods of lightening-fast communication at our fingertips. You would think providing a response in would be a no brainer. Actually the power of response is taken for granted and too-often ignored....

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Stand Out From Other Buyers in Your China Sourcing

A few techniques to stand out from other buyers and gain the supplier's eyes and ears.
You know your supplier has other buyers, right? It's true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It's also true that you don't have to be the biggest and most important buyer to get favored treatment from a China supplier. ...

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More Practicality When Reviewing Supplier Price Quotes

When errors in suppliers' price quotes go unnoticed, at best you can expect time loss or annoying, surprise price increases. At worst the hidden errors lead to massive mass production headaches.
Price quotes from China require the buyer (if they want to avoid error) to sit down, think about the project, consider what MAY go wrong and formulate questions and scenarios in their minds. This is Part III to the other posts on tackling China supplier quotes and here we go with more glorious practicality....

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A Practical Step in Analyzing Quotations

A practical way to carefully go through quotations from Chinese suppliers.
In the unofficial Part I to this post, I discussed the "mindset in reviewing China price quotes." Now, let's pinpoint a practical step in going over your quotations from offshore suppliers....

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How to Get Clearer Confirmations from your China Supplier

Receive Clear Confirmations from your China Supplier
Confirmations passed down the line from supplier to client should not immediately be taken at face value. I learned a long time ago that when dealing with China, do not get too excited about good news and do not get let down about bad news. It can all change within the hour. Importing from China requires further digging for an assurance of what's confirmed. To avoid the "Well, the factory told me..." syndrome, here are 6 tips on how to receive clearer confirmations from your China supplier. ...

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Timing Control in China Manufacturing Wrap Up

Promotional Retail Manufacturing Timing Control

In China manufacturing, timing control can make or break an order.

In the promotional product industry; missing a shipping date is the same as losing the order.

For retailers and private labels, when you need to have those products on the shelves or being shipped out, timing missteps ruin prime selling seasons.

Did you know that timing blunders can also hurt the quality of production?

"Wait, wait, how can timing hurt quality? Although both are important, it seems they would be exclusive…?”  Says the curious importer…...

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Lack of Understanding, Magnifies Product Problems

China production is empowered by understanding of product, understanding of supplier and understanding of importing as a whole.
Understand your product and the manufacturing processes. Normal variations become perceived problems, when in actuality, no problem exists. This is what happens when buyers treat China manufacturing on the same level as clicking "proceed to checkout" button on Amazon. ...

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Importing from China: Ways to Assure a Smooth Order

When you're importing from China, like it or not, the main point of control has to be from the importer. Expecting the factory "to know" can be a very costly assumption. Here are some basic control points that help to assure a smooth order....

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