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Timing Before and After the Chinese New Year

Whenever you're negotiating prices and planning summer orders, timing is something to watch out of the corner of your eye when doing it around Chinese New Year.
This time of year, post Christmas holiday and prior to the Chinese New Year holiday, morphs into a giant blob. For some importers, it can be an inefficient and frustrating time. Here are some reminders on timing during this time period and what to look out for.  This applies to both before and after the Chinese Holiday....

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Sorting Out Mass Production Errors

Mass production errors don't only happen to other people. If the winds of Providence blow your way, how will you handle?
Having to sort out mass production errors is not a place any buyer wants to find themselves. But the cold fact, is that it happens. It's better to be prepared and have some concepts in place on how to handle instead of acting like "it won't happen to me."...

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Getting Production Photos From Your Supplier

Production photos from your vendor can be elusive beasts.
In China sourcing and manufacturing, has anyone ever had problems getting good production photos from their supplier?  Yeah, me too.... ...

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Listening to Suppliers: What’s Not Being Said

Whenever you communicate with your China factory, use open ears and open mind to improve overseas production
When China suppliers give advice, it is not always done in a direct and obvious fashion. This is why, whenever you receive emails, you need to ponder: What the supplier is NOT saying. What's not being said?...

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Free Resource: 40 Random Tips for Emailing China Suppliers

Improve your emails to your factories in China
An importer's communication with their vendor sets the course of the project. This starts in the initial phases of the project. If the communication is shaky, the project is being built on shaky ground. ...

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Not Necessarily Signs of a Bad Supplier in China Sourcing

When sourcing new vendors, you may come across certain signs that raise flags concerning the vendor's capabilities. 

Here is a brief list of signs, that although may look concerning, are not necessarily indications of a bad supplier. ...

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Will the Supplier Know What You Mean?

One wrong word from the buyer side can confuse the supplier and throw off an RFQ. Think about your inquiry like you are working at a control panel and whenever you send a request for quotation to your supplier, it is like you are pushing buttons in a machine....

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Timing Control in China Manufacturing Wrap Up

Promotional Retail Manufacturing Timing Control

In China manufacturing, timing control can make or break an order.

In the promotional product industry; missing a shipping date is the same as losing the order.

For retailers and private labels, when you need to have those products on the shelves or being shipped out, timing missteps ruin prime selling seasons.

Did you know that timing blunders can also hurt the quality of production?

"Wait, wait, how can timing hurt quality? Although both are important, it seems they would be exclusive…?”  Says the curious importer…...

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Supplier Communication: Why Did My China Supplier Say That?

For retail buyers and promotional product importers supplier communication is of utmost importance
Suppliers have a knack of communicating that will leave you scratching your head. Their puzzling answers can leave you in a cold sweat while you consider buying a plane ticket to China to figure things out... The easy answer as to why the supplier communication is the way it is, is because of the language barrier. I believe that it's a bit more complicated than that. Understanding the reasons behind the kooky answers can, hopefully give you more insight into the world of China sourcing and importing....

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8 Phrases to Eliminate in Your China Sourcing

8 Phrases to Eliminate in Your China Sourcing...because the goal is good quality and a smooth order, right?
Certain phrases plague the importer. These phrases may be typed in an email and frustratedly emailed to your vendor. These phrases could be muttered around the office. Or they simply could be floating around in your head. Typically these phrases are geared towards the vendor. Regardless of how these phrases haunt your thinking or actions, it is my recommendation to get rid of 'em....

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Price Change Shock in China Sourcing

"Suppliers cannot be trusted; they change the price in the middle of the project!" "They quoted the low price and then did the ol' switcheroo, just to get me in!" These are common laments you may hear from folks who source and import from China. Although there is truth to these statements, it's not the whole truth. With a bit of effort, you can avoid price change shocks....

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Unrealistic Requests in China Sourcing

Avoid unrealistic requests in China sourcing. Make practical, achievable requests from buyer to supplier
In China sourcing, a good way to hurt your credibility with factories and potential supplier partners is to make unrealistic requests....

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Question your Quotes from China

A mistake buyers make when working with China is that they seem to think their suppliers are perfect, until the supplier drops the ball and then that seems to snap the buyer back to reality. If the buyer starts out from the assumption that their supplier is human and prone to mistakes, then this would cause the buyer to proceed with caution in their sourcing and buying, thus leading to less quoting (and eventual) quality errors. Better yet, if the buyer starts from the assumption that the supplier quotes from a low-cost, cheap labor industry and daily, provides quotes to many faceless buyers for projects that never come to fruition, then the buyer would really proceed with caution......

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8 Chinese New Year Resolutions

If you frequently source and import from China, here are 8 Chinese New Year Resolutions to consider. In the spirit of the season......

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