Here are some practical steps towards changing your business. This is in the spirit of the last post on the need to change before you’re stuck in the mud.

This reflects some of the changes Li and I are implementing in order to reverse gears of our own company. We were operating with blinders on for some years, but that deep-down, gut instinctive feeling was gnawing at us to alter course.

I imagine if it was happening to us, then chances are, it’s happening to many of you who stop by this blog.

It’s not like we were destitute or in need of business or skills.

In fact, we were sort of marching forward status quo.

But we got to where we couldn’t stand what we were doing.

It’s no fun when you hate getting an email from your customers.

The wind departed from our sails. Creativity dried up.

But that’s not the end of the story; we’ve got our network and a reservoir of skills that we’ve honed over the years.

Let’s talk what it takes for steps towards changing a business.

  • Self investment
  • Lean on your network
  • Cutting ties
  • Become a student of your new focus

Get a coach or self investment.

Invest in yourself if you’re hungry for change. That’s hard for many of us. We’ll spend money on our homes, our children or our bellies, but not our inner man or woman.

This is a step I had to take.

For the Private Label we’re growing, I had to get a coach.

I know how to source from China. We know how to correctly manufacture product and control the factory.

I’ve shipped a multitude of orders from point A to point B, clearing customs, quoting freight, etc…

But what I didn’t know and am still learning is how to brand items.

How to get them to market for myself.

I’ve gotten items for others to the store, event or fulfillment center -but now I’m doing it for ME.

The coach isn’t telling me mind blowing things I didn’t necessarily know.

But he’s helping me to gather my thoughts. To streamline the process and cut out fluff.

Time is of the essence and I’ll pay for efficiency and avoid spending countless hours on the internet putting all of this together.

You may need to take a course, get a certification, but whatever it takes, make MOVES towards THAT process.

Invest in yourself!

Lean on your network.

Start growing your network YESTERDAY. As you’re transitioning to a new model, you won’t do it in a vacuum. There’s mental and practical support that will come from your network.

Who do you know that can help during this time?

There will come times you’ll need advice or just some like-minded people bouncing ideas around.

You may need someone to help in freelance or commission-based work.

Before you have to settle on the ol’-fashion salaried employee, pay someone per job or trade services.

Start cutting ties to the old way of doing business.

There could be a project that you personally have to lay down. You may have to delegate. There’s going to be a time, where you’ve got to turn away or ignore the path you want to get away from.

There’s transitioning time but eventually transitioning time turns to done, finished, work on new stuff time.

The old stuff will cry and whimper for you to come back and hold her…don’t be fooled.

For us, we’ve delegated old stuff. If it lives, groovy, the income keeps coming. If it fails, groovy, we’re done with it anyway.

In changing, some things die, some things live and some things are reborn.

School yourself

You want to reduce research time.

This is true.

But you’re still going to need to learn more about your new focus.

Understand what you’re doing and who is already doing it. How to discuss and how to implement? Are you prepared on social media for the launch?

Too many businesses cannot actually discuss or educate others on their OWN business.

When you study during this changing period is it further validating your desire to change or do you feel empty like you want to go back to the muck?

Deciding to change is a big hurdle, the steps towards changing your model are just the beginning.