As we approach the end of 2018, I’m in a reflective mood.

Does that happen with you?

The days are shorter and the thoughts are longer.

Or deeper.

I’m thinking about how quickly things change.

What was once stable very rapidly shifts.

The bottom falls out.

All hell breaks loose as they say.

I see this in my business.

Years and years of China sourcing, I’ve always said, you successfully control 99 points.

But the 100th point slips under the radar and brings down a project.

What we micromanage and tightly control, comes out ok.

It’s the things we cannot control.

So although whether in offshore manufacturing or life, you can control and control, you also have to be stable.

Stable as far as your outlook.

We cannot fall apart like a $2.00 suitcase every time life says “BOO!”

Have a firm mindset knowing that you did your best, things looks good but it can all fall apart.

Have a firm mindset knowing that when things fall apart, they can always get better…and usually do.

As humans we worry.

But isn’t worry very illogical?

I heard a wise couple of sentences once.

“If we can do something about it, there’s no need to worry. If we cannot do anything about it, there’s no need to worry.”

Worry constricts us.

We cannot focus on the important things when we worry?

“But what if, what if, and then….” All that stops us from doing our duties.

Worrying about our family can actually cause you to neglect your family.

Having anxiety about a project causes you to muck up the project.

It’s like stage fright.

The thing you greatly fear comes upon you.

We don’t have the power we like to think we have, right?

So all the control, all the preempting possible contingencies, mean nothing when it comes to providential happenings, right?

Did Alaska think they were getting such a huge quake this weekend?

Did we know our beloved Carolina coast was going to get so hard this year?

How about fires in California? Who was pondering that? Everyone was focused on their own business, families, daily concerns, name it.

We do our best.

We help others.

We have to trust.

What are you trusting in?

Have you found worry to help?

Instead of worry, I want to walk.

Walk in a restful excellence.

I’m talking more to myself than I am to you right now.