This article from the WSJ on Amazon going after scam sellers is the basis for this post.

But the larger point of view is that Amazon and the market in general eventually weeds out the junk.

Amazon, Amid Crackdown on Seller Scams, Fires Employees Over Data Leak

What’s “the junk” the market will weed out?


People, companies who don’t play by the rules.

Things that don’t bring value.

Define “don’t bring value”.

Things that ARE NOT GOOD.

If you have a bad product, it won’t last.

If you’re faking it, it’ll come to light.

If you’re on Amazon and your listings are BS the public will know.

It may take time.

But eventually, whatever is in darkness comes to light.

What will stand the test of time?

On the flip side, a good product will sell.

The market appreciates brands with integrity that offer value.

“Offer value?”  – things that are good. Genuine. Transparent.

Competition and technology have folks terrified.

They’re scared they won’t get ahead.

Shameless sellers cut corners. Corner cutters delude themselves into thinking an easy way brings success.

They won’t to be sure they quickly sell out of a product and make their money back.

These scam sellers doubt their own product. They may very well have good items. Why resort to dark practices?

These kinds of players are cowards.

Cowards deal in:

  • Fake reviews
  • Trying to blacklist or leave bad comments on their competition.
  • Screw with algorithms instead of letting sales come naturally.

When it’s all said in done, the people that’ll rise like the Phoenix are those with patience and stamina.

Patience. Stamina. Persistence. Value. These are all characteristics and traits that corner-cutters don’t like to nurture. Notice these are traits…not just words.

You may make a quick buck being a integrity-less vessel.

Eventually, the market won’t take any more of your deception.

The companies, the businesspeople that remain are those who keep going inspite of the drawbacks.

They don’t resort to foul play on their competitors.

In fact, the strongest really don’t care too much about their competitors.

They’re too busy doing their thing.

Offshore vendors dabble in these dark practices…don’t worry about it.

People here in the States fret about Chinese companies going straight to Amazon.

Don’t worry about it,.

If their product is better than yours, then their product was better than yours.

If they piggyback on your product, then you should’ve made your product unique.

But what if your own vendor is selling something you developed?

Avoid it!

Don’t store molds in their facility. Make it clear who owns what.

Also, I advise, don’t put all of your eggs into 1 basket… or 1 product. Have diverse range of what you offer.

Eventually the market will weed them out.

From my years of working with Chinese vendors, employees and service providers, a large chunk believe they can and should contact the end-customer direct.

Whether that’s a company or Amazon.

It seems to always be in the back of their minds.

And sadly, it’s not to offer something new and creative. It’s to piggyback on what you’ve already built.

As if each buyer is just pining away for a discount (service be damned, quality be damned). And once they get the email or linkedin message showing how they can now buy straight from them…the light shines forth…

The market will weed this out. If the supplier takes your business, then you got weeded out.

Perhaps it was a client you weren’t meant to have. Or who wasn’t worth keeping in the first place. Or it was a product that had a lifespan and now time to pivot.

There’s enough share of the market out there that buys from reputable vendors.

Appreciates good quality.

Understands fair pricing with good service.

Go ahead, take your shortcuts if you want to…the market will eventually get you.