I don’t like saying New Year Resolutions.

We should be making resolutions and having firm resolve throughout the year, right?

But since there does seem to be some sort of band wagon to jump on this time of year and draw lines in the sand, I’m all in.

And it let’s me put a piece of content up. I haven’t posted since October. Lack of posting has a condemning factor to it that steamrolls. The longer I wait, the harder it is to get the mental juices flowing.

I’ll make these “resolutions” now and endeavor to renew. Additional renewal throughout this glorious year, in case I slip, may be a requirement. 


I’m supposed to be writing.

I’m supposed to be writing for my business and also personally.

I like doing it.

Isn’t it funny that things we actually like doing and that actually help us, we get slack on?

I put it off and put it off. But no more. By a firm declaration I’ll put a piece of educating content up once every few days. Heck, if I make it once a week, I’ll be stoked.

Here on my own blog, I need to post more on what’s going on with my China manufacturing and import business.

Also LinkedIn is a great place to put up content.

The entire site seemed to go through a metamorphosis last year. Before it was a bunch of stiffs talking about their product or work. Now there’s more and more idea sharing. 

Go there, throw up a post and try not to make it a pitch.

Then there’s Medium and Quora.

If a body wants a valve to get their writing out there, there’s tons of opportunity to do so.

Eliminate the Unfruitful

Find out what ain’t working and get the hell rid of it.

That’s not elegant but that’s what I’m gonna do.

If you’re old, you already realize that life’s too short.

If you’re young, chances are you think you’re immortal.

I’m middle age and realizing it more and more. If something’s not working, cut it off. If something doesn’t look to have potential, then reroute.

Do so sooner than later.

Continue to Focus on Private Labeling and Getting Goods to Market

We’re still working on this and are still in infant stages. Actually the umbilical cord is still attached.

The goal and current plan in action, is to bring in our own branded product and get it to market.

This is via Amazon FBA, Shopify and whatever works. God willing, I’ll have more about this in the coming weeks, results, trials and tribulations.

The more I’m learning, the more I’ll be able share; ie see above MORE CONTENT content resolution!

That’s what I like about the private label venture is I’m learning an entire new structure and mindset.

For over a decade, I helped others get product to market.

Now I’m (endeavoring) to get my own brand to market and it’s helping me see different avenues of learning, growth…and new battlefields.

Automate and Delegate What I Can

Connected to eliminating the unfruitful is automating and delegating.

Questions to ask self; do I have to do this? Or can someone else?

If it’s the later, can we outsource it without bringing on an “employee”?

Automating and delegating for me doesn’t mean the dreaded “e” word (employee).

There’s too many worthwhile freelancers out there.

Full-time staff eventually looks to the head for a handout. That’s at least what I found after over a decade of having staff in China. Which is where the bulk of our operation still remains.

Step by step, without constant management, they look for ways to do the least work (similar to a factory even after a longterm relationship).

Another way to express this would be to surround myself with individuals that are freelance minded. I think the term “entrepreneurial” is overused.

How about your resolutions?

We’re about 2 weeks into the New Year. Are you still holding firm or thrown in the towel? I purposefully held off thinking about resolutions, mainly because of the huge winter storm here in the South.

But also, I needed to get the holiday malaise out of my system.

Hopefully it doesn’t creep back in come Lunar New Year.

Happy New Year Everyone!