“Take 2 initiatives and call me in the morning” – Doc.

Taking initiative ain’t always easy.

It’s not even a common strong suit.

But it’s something that can improve with practice.

Like Everything Worthwhile, This’ll Take Effort.

Just like you practiced at Space Invaders back in the 70’s.

Or you practice a certain sport you like.

You put effort, you pull out results.

You plant a seed, water it, check it.

This would be a purposeful focus.

You can’t roll out of bed and hope your initiative taking software kicks in today.

You’ll have to purposefully plan for it.

Bad Habits Come As One That Travelleth

Be on the lookout for these things.

You have been inclined to take initiative in the past. But laziness lurks around the corner.

Bad habits have a way of creeping into our lives.

Like plaque build up on the teeth or in the arteries, poor life habits build up and before we know, we have to have heart surgery or gum surgery or change our business models…whatever the case may be.

Those 3 things may not all be equivalent as far as the seriousness goes, but I hope you get the flow of my thinking here.

Practice Methods

This is something I’m currently working on in my own life.

As I’m changing business models, I’m looking for wholistic changes to apply to the ol’ livelihood.

I haven’t worked in every industry (who has, right?).

But from my own brief life experience, I see that the initiative takers are those who grow or those who fail.

Initiative: To Take or Not to Take?

It’s not tiptoeing or insignificant steps.

It’s doing your job – taking initiative is starting something.

It’s taking the lead.

Taking initiative is tightly bound with radical growth or great failures.

But when it comes to those failures, those are the kinds of failures that will really grow you.

I mean stepping out big and really falling on your face.

You learn something from it.