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What consultation do I offer?

I offer my services in sort of a freelance, consultative style and wondering if it’s something that could be appealing to you?

For your China sourcing, I help facilitate in the following ways:

Provide quotations directly from the factory.

You see exactly what a factory quotes for your inquiry. This helps you avoid Chinese trade companies and the on-shore importers.

Onshore importers and domestic suppliers charge a boatload of margin. Think of the money you’re giving up for processes that you could keep closer to home?

The Chinese trade companies do not necessarily make the higher margins, but in working with them instead of a factory, you’re giving up transparency, quality and fluidity of the project.

Facilitate communication between the factory and your company.

I help the flow of the project and also keep your company educated on processes.

When companies use the many middlemen in between, they’re outsourcing the project, but also losing out on knowledge and key components of the project.

Someone else is master of the know-how.  The critical detail from projects (processes, price quoting, how something happened) is critical for you to keep in house.

Maintain the project under the umbrella of “your best interest”

Intermediaries and importers make decisions that are not necessarily based on YOUR BEST INTEREST. Since they control the flow of information, buyers are none the wiser.

What can you expect?
  • Vendor gathering and vetting
  • Facilitate communication
  • Direct from vendor price quotes
  • Risk assessment
  • Order management and timing control
  • Logistics arrangment

Get someone with 17 years experience in China manufacturing helping you with your!

Who will I train?

Those who are new to China sourcing or those who have been doing it for a long time and tired of running into the same roadblocks.

People starting their own private label.

Buyers for brands, buyers for retail. Distributors, wholesalers…whoever wants to buy from China better and keep it in house.

How will I train?

In person or online.

I’m based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. My company’s home office is based out of Suzhou, China. My lovely bride is from the north part of Jiangsu Province. I may spend a month, here and there working out of my in-law’s home in Jiangyan City.

In China I lived in Nanjing, Suzhou, Jiangyan and Dongguan City.

Contact me anytime.


Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province

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