There’s harvest in the air… 🍁

It’s funny how the internet creates a flat structure.

Level Playing Field

If someone wants to go directly to a buyer, then they can.

When a vendor wants to bring their products to market, they no longer have to be at the mercy of distributors or some sort of industry structure. Think Amazon FBA, ebay, Shopify, these tools are open for anyone who wants to learn and implement.

That’s not to say they’re definitely going to “get” said buyer or said market share, but now, the possibility is there.

Certain vendors don’t have to remain behind “supply chain bloat”.

New Tools for New Harvest

My brain was stuck in 1st gear for so long, I thought the only way I could use my skills was to be apart of some structure.

After years of working with other companies, pitching myself and selling my services, I hit reset on what we did.

Cold turkey.

We were always beholden, ultimately to a client, company or somebody somewhere giving the green light.

Meet this company, impress them, schmooze them, maybe they’ll throw a bone…you get my drift.

I started asking myself… “If I’m doing this for others, why not for myself?” ”

Wow, we just developed and got to market a terrific item for that company, what’s stopping me from developing my own brand?”

“How about spending that same blood, sweat and tears on our own company?

Then if it doesn’t come to fruition, at the least the time was spent on us and we can build on that.

After 16 years of doing for others, I’m doing for me.

Current Status on Sowing New Seeds

I’ve got 1 container under mass production, other samples underway and more orders close behind.

What’s holding you back?

Is there something in your business you can cut out?

Something may serve a purpose but it bogs you down more than brings you up?

How about skills?

Are you able to stop farming your skills out to others and use for #1?

Does that mean I’m sharing less?

Absolutely NOT!

Now instead of wasting time making sure some company is content; we can build awesome content to help the masses.

If what I’m doing works, I’ll be able to share with others. The new business age is no longer hiding this contact and making sure nobody knows you supply this company.

Cutting out bloat and worthless demands gives more time for abundant, professional sharing & giving.

Harvest is afoot..