2018, it seems that time flew by.

We’re entering another year.

Some enter with gusto and full-force steam fueling resolves of what’s going to be better.

Others enter with trepidation; worrying about ending the last year, much less starting a New Year.

Vows to exercise more are tossed around.

Decisions to do more of this.

Firm promises to do less of that.

I imagine folks will lay off the bottle more. At least starting out…once February comes, it’s a different ball game.

The stable always can become unstable.

I personally don’t have any resolutions.

Instead, I’ve formulated somewhat of plan and will stick to it. If the plan needs tweaking and I need to evolve, that’s fine too.

I have started my own war…

The dreaded “Comfort Zone” is now my sworn enemy.

This started back in December.

Having your in-laws visit you for an entire month will have you deeply reflecting on many aspects of life.

I don’t want to be comfortable anymore in my business or life. At least for the time being…

Discomfort, pain, embarrassment, these all lead to good maturing growth.

By God’s grace I want to challenge myself more in 2019.

After laying foundations, talking, planning, calculating, strategizing, eventually it’s time to get on the field.

Concerning my sourcing and importing business…

This is starting to go through a metamorphosis. It has for some time, but now I’m starting to put the pieces into motion.

Sourcing, offshore manufacturing, importing should be annexed to transparency.

Transparency is the fulcrum of 2019.

At least it should be.

It will be in my sourcing endeavors.

This will benefit buyer, supplier, end market, all alike.

I don’t just mean providing a service, commission, don’t forget me, please call me back.

It’s revealing all parties, all processes, all costs.

All parties need to ante up their information in the supply chain.

No, not propriety intellectual property, but how they’re operating should no longer be a secret.

This will not start out 100% the way I want it too.

It probably won’t manifest 100% the way I’m thinking.

But I’m on the path.

Traditionalism be damned.

That may be one of my slogans for 2019.

2018, thanks for the memories.

“Strictly entre nous
Darling, how are you?
And how are all those little dreams
That never did come true?

Awfully glad I met you
Cheerio and tootle-loo
Thank you
Thank you so much”

Thanks for the Memory (1938)