Let’s start a crusade to eradicate our lives of this dangerous area.

Many good ideas die in the comfort zone.

Resources go to waste in this land of opiate.

No productivity exists in this arid region.

It’s very appealing, it feels good, but before you know it, the world has passed you by.

If you would’ve just kept going…

The comfort zone stops you from things that may be in your grasp.

But you gave up.

Once you felt sluggish, or discouraged, you decided to call it quits.

But isn’t it the case, like exercise. A soon as our body starts a hurting, as soon as we start “feeling it”, that means it’s working.

Reminds me of the scene on Wizard of Oz, right before they reach the Emerald City.

It’s in their grasp, they see the green majestic towers and castle walls.

But that ol’ witch sprinkles those poppies and they take a nap. They’re done.

What’s sprinkling poppies on your journey?

Have you deluded yourself that you’re being productive?

When actually you’re just hamster wheeling it?

The comfort zone appears to be a friend

He doesn’t want his buddies to hear that mean, nasty word, “NO”.

Stay with your buddy Mr. Comfort and you’ll never have to hear that mean word.

He’ll protect you from the nasty world. With Mr. Comfort Zone, you never have to go anywhere or reach out to others.

He doesn’t want anyone to laugh at you.

Heaven forbid somebody may think bad about you, right?

Let’s forget about yourself or myself or a minute.

Aren’t there others we’re supposed to help?

Our neighbors, people in the community, folks we come across on our daily path.

The Comfort Zone deceives us into thinking that we only have enough for ourselves. His slithery tongue will say “how can you help them? You only have just barely enough…better wait a bit”.




-An inordinate patience when it’s time to hit the field.




These are all traits of this deceptively comfortable place.

There’s a time for patience.

It’s good to save money

There’s a time for waiting.

But the comfort zone drags it all on and on and on….

I’m ready to break the bars of this gate asunder and start getting:




Possibly lose resources for a greater gain…

Who’s with me?

Only 16 more days in 2018.