Overcoming Chinese Manufacturing Obstacles

Overcoming Chinese Manufacturing Obstacles is a skill that you must possess to successfully operate in the China Sourcing Industry.   Chinese Manufacturing is process full of interchanging parts.  This creates a challenging environment for foreign manufacturers.  China possesses a business culture that is unique to it’s values and customs. Understanding their culture is a key element in China Sourcing.  It is inevitable that there will be challenges and mishaps when sourcing and importing products.  However, many of these can be avoided by taking a proactive approach to preparing for and managing the manufacturing process.  Miscommunication is at the root of almost all obstacles.  Operating with an assumption that your supplier already knows key information about your project is a threat to your success.  My purpose in creating this blog is to empower readers so that they can be informed with tools, resources and information to ensure China Sourcing success.  Below are some post that address this topic.

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Additional Information

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