China Supplier Strategies

China Supplier Strategies

So often there are red flags waving in an importers face…the importer doesn’t recognize the danger ahead of them.

There are many things to be aware of when selecting a Chinese Supplier for your offshore sourcing project.  From price to turnaround time there are many variables that play a role in your sourcing success.  Have a clear vision on what you’re looking for. Recognize red flags and key alerts that a China supplier isn’t reliable or prepared to handle the project.

This all goes with China supplier strategies. When you contact an overseas company; that doesn’t speak English (as a first language), that doesn’t know you, ever seen you and you aren’t sure they want to handle your request…

Are you going to contact them cold and just let a stream of consciousness fly? Or have you laid out a game plan on how to approach this potential supplier?

A well-thought out China supplier strategy should include:

  • Time spent researching production partners.
  • Having a concept of the country’s geography. For smooth logistics you wouldn’t necessarily find a vendor in the middle or a remote part of the country. Do you know what area of China your product is mainly produced in?
  • Compiling evidences of your specifications, requirements and basically what you want sourced or developed. This is all part of your RFQ (request for quotation).
  • Time set aside to discuss the feedback from potential suppliers. Are you dedicated and patient to discuss the quotes and their questions?

Below are 4 links that will give clearer insight on suppliers that I hope will help you formulate a winning strategy. Mind you this blog is not highly technical and does not always give you the path in a step 1, step 2 fashion. My hope is that these articles give you the spirit of the strategy so that you can put together the path that is right for you.

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