China sourcing is not like ordering from Amazon. Communication, management, precision are all involved.

China Sourcing

My goal with this blog is to educate, inform and share valuable China sourcing information with readers. When done correctly, manufacturing China can be a great method of developing your products.

Sourcing Offshore: Many Moving Pieces

However, in China sourcing, many different elements must be taken into consideration: from the cultural differences to the laws and customs, the critical factors can play a large role in your experience.

  • As a buyer, is your understanding on the same page as the supplier’s and vice versa?
  • Are you able to communicate key specifications concerning your product via digital communication (email, Skype)?
  • Do you have the patience to professionally work with vendors who are using English as a second language and have a different understanding of what you would consider to be a “good work ethic”?

My experience is rooted in both living in China for 10 years for and working for and owning China Product Manufacturing companies.

Getting Started