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Manufacturing in China is a nonstop learning experience. There’s always a new lesson that appears. I moved to China in 2001 and started my China sourcing and manufacturing career. Now we’re into 2016 and I’m still learning.

Buyers’ biggest mistakes happen when they get comfortable and stop learning.

One thing that I strive to do with this blog is provide China manufacturing tips and resources that provide readers lessons on how to avoid costly mistakes. Costly mistakes, keep in mind, do not always happen right out the gate. An order goes well. The 2nd order goes fine. But by the time the 3rd order comes crashing down around you, you realize there were some slow leaks you didn’t plug.

Below are some hand picked posts that can assist you.

For more information visit JLstyle’s webpage.  Custom Merchandise and Promotional Product Manufacturing company based in China. An informative blog detailing the process from the manufacturers point of view. JLstyle is my company and is sort of the manufacturing hub of JLmade. JLstyle focuses on

  • Bags, backpacks, satchels
  • Good quality blankets and throws that are full-branded
  • Metal vintage promotional products

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