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Lack of Understanding, Magnifies Product Problems

Understand your product and the manufacturing processes. Normal variations become perceived problems, when in actuality, no problem exists. This is what happens when buyers treat China manufacturing on the same level as clicking “proceed to checkout” button on Amazon.

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Your Supplier Didn’t Sign Up For This….

Importers tend to hold their supplier to a standard, which, after 13 years in the business, I’m pretty positive the supplier doesn’t know they agreed to.

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Timing Considerations in China Manufacturing

Is my order going to get to me on time? Will my buyer have the product in-hand when I told them they would? Does my supplier in China even understand the importance of this? Here are some things for you … Continue Reading

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Suppliers Ignoring the Seemingly Obvious

Did the supplier not consider that when they gave you that update it was going to lead you to ask more questions? Did the supplier not think that whenever they emailed that blurry, crooked photo of your order that it … Continue Reading

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