Since it’s not January 15th yet, I’m still under the wire to get these in.

I may use some of these but you’re welcome to them as well.

Take your pick.

Or change them up and make them your own.

They ain’t necessarily mine.

Ok, they may be.

They’re topics I’ve been stewing on lately and need firm up in my arsenal. 

Relevant because these are areas of improvement we could all tackle.

Better still, let’s call these business resolutions.

Some of these are practical business habits. Even today in 2018, technology hasn’t made these obsolete. Folks did these in 1918 and they’re still needful in 2018.

Bring closure.

If you start a new endeavor, finish it.

If you cannot finish it, address it.

Why wasn’t it finished? Why did you start without the ability to bring it full circle?

Count the cost in what you’re doing.

This would go for the big things as well as the small things.

If you had another company put together a proposal or quote for you, let them know which way you decide to go.  Even if you go another route.

If you told someone you’d be there and you can’t make it, then let them know.

Whether partners, employees, clients or suppliers, don’t leave people hanging.

Remember that it’s only business.

If a deal falls through do you fall apart like a $2 suitcase?

As New Years business resolution flow abundantly this time of year, be adamant in keeping things in perspective.

Remember that suppliers don’t delay orders because because they’re trying to starve your children.

Misunderstandings aren’t part of a greater plot to destroy your life.

We desire understanding and empathy.

But while balancing those admirable traits, don’t forget to keep a 10,000 foot view.

From my years at the grind I’m slowly learning to keep balance.

1 half warm-hearted, 1 half cold-hearted.

Take time to research but also rely on professionals.

Don’t relay on others to handle information you should know.

When I say “you” I mean YOU, your company or you side of the responsibility spectrum.

Too many buyers or professionals fly blindly.

They don’t know processes.

Or they’re remiss in understanding the “why’s and wheretofore’s”.

Make knowing the facts part of your business resolutions.

“Ok, we just go from point A to point B. How?”

Whether it’s you or someone under your umbrella, make it your responsibility to “get in the know”.

But outsource the research and fact-finding when possible. That doesn’t mean your not absorbing results. This still means you assure the information seeps into your brain pattern one way or the other.

Don’t be afraid to delegate. There’s plenty of freelance professionals out there.

Expect the unexpected.

Sickness can come at anytime.

I learnt this towards the end of last year where sickness knocked me out for a month.

Thankfully it could have been worse.

But that helps to put things into perspective.

Are we ready for what may come?

When we know that much larger disasters are right around the corner, it helps us to keep current dinkey problems in perspective.

Delays, obstacles, human relationships. These can all suddenly come into and out of the picture.

Do we operate our business with the thought that there’s very little we have control of?

If not, we may want to consider adding this to our bag of resolutions.

And with that, I take 1 more opportunity to bid you a Happy New Year.