In the Autumn of 2017 we started mass production on our private label line of products.

This is our line of branded items that we manufacture via suppliers in China.

We sell these via Amazon, using the FBA program, Fulfillment by Amazon.

This means that Amazon warehouses the goods and then picks and ships with each order.

The alternative is that the 3rd party seller handles the shipping to each customer.

Our first container of product arrived in January 2018.

So basically after 1 year, here are some thoughts on the ongoing expedition

Thoughts on Amazon FBA

The hardest part is picking your product:

It was for me anyway. It’s the BIG PRIVATE LABEL QUESTION you have to deal with from the get-go.

This was the first time my sourcing and importing experiences had me serving MYSELF instead of another buyer or brand.

Now the product selection was up to the braintrust at JLmade. In other words, my wife and me.

How do you know something will sell?

What if you have your money stuck in inventory forever?

How do you know the public will take a likin’ to what you’re selling?

These are the things you wrestle with and you should.

Tackle it tediously, not taking it lightly.

But eventually you’ll have to take the plunge and decided.

Use vendors you can frequently reuse and grow with

My take is, if you’re building a brand…

Use one vendor as much as possible.

Even exhaust possibilities with them.

This will save you time from sourcing and you can focus on growing your brand.

Also if it’s the same vendor, then you should be able to have a consistency throughout the product line as you add more and more listings (references).

I’m going for numbers rather than uniqueness.

For all of the orders we’ve done thus far for our brand, we’ve done full container loads.

This allowed for cheaper shipping costs.

Also ordering larger volumes from the factory helps in pricing and an overall favor.

Not everyone can start with these numbers, but if you can, I recommend it.

Our brand has multiple listings.

This helps with more sales in the first year.

Compare it to only have 1 or 2 listings. With 1 or 2 listings…or let’s say 3, you have to have a super kickin’ unique item in order to turn a profit quicker.

Amazon PPC is a necessary tool to learn

This is how you’ll rank your items.

Coming fresh out of nowhere, again, unless you have the hottest most unique item, how will you expect shoppers to find your item on Amazon?

Learn PPC, learn the different style campaigns and make it a huge part of your Amazon selling routine.

Hopefully as our brand and listings further rank, we can decrease money spent on advertising.

But I don’t think it’s a good idea to turn advertising off. Like my coach always said, “even McDonald’s still advertises”… there’s a point in there somewhere.

I’ll have more points in a subsequent post.

Overall I’m pleased.

This method of sells works and has room to grow.

I’ll divulge some of my errors and learning curves as I continue to blog on this.

For myself, it wasn’t quickie overnight goodness. We’re still coming out of some holes I dug, but it wasn’t cause of the medium, but my own ignorance and errors.

There’s only 1 more day after today until 2019 becomes our new friend.

The year is here.

How are you going to start the first chapter of 2019?

Happy New Year my friends.